The Glass Dress Burial on Mors

The Glass Dress was a collaborative photographic, sculptural and performance project with Michael Richardt Petersen. The project lasted from 2009 to 2013 and was finally buried on the island of Mors during the cultural conference Kulturmødet Mors in August 2013. The project consisted of a series of performances captured in photographs and a dress made out of discarded glass from a variety of sources.
After three years of touring and exhibiting the dress and the photographs at a variety of locations, we decided to hand the "narrative" of the dress over to a new generation of artists by burying it and inviting artists to exhume it and create new narratives with the objects in the grave. We have worked a lot with fairytale narratives in the project and carry on the oral tradition of handing down tales to new generations in a visual version.

We would like the items to be buried for at least a year before we consider applications from artists to exhume the dress. Applications for exhumation will be open from October 2014.
Begravelsen på Mors
Glaskjolen var et samarbejde med Michael Richardt Petersen, der varede fra 2009-2013 og blev endeligt begravet i forbindelse med Kulturmødet Mors 2013.